Andrea Shawcross

screenwriter & maker of film stuffs


Andrea Shawcross is a YA drama and genre writer who just sold two thriller features she's frantically writing now.


Andrea co-wrote LOVE ON HARBOR ISLAND that premiered on the Hallmark Channel and is currently playing on Canadian TV like 12 times a day, and A VINEYARD ROMANCE for REEL ONE that shot last summer. At the same time, Andrea busted out her inner surrogate to write MATERNAL DESIRE, a thriller for Lifetime produced by IMOTO Productions. 


She also wrote and co-created YOUNG & RECKLESS, a comedy webseries officially selected to screen at the Austin Film Festival and that received distribution on Air Canada. 


Andrea was writer and story editor on the series FUTURE PROOF (FNX), and last month, her YA drama pilot FRENCH CLUB made it to Blacklist's Top List. 


Andrea's pilot and feature scripts have been shortlisted in the PAGE AWARDS (4X), the prestigious Canadian Film Centre (2X), and the AFF screenplay competition. 


Andrea is writer and co-creator of YOUNG & RECKLESS the webseries that was an official selection and screened in over a dozen film festivals worldwide including AFF in 2017 (the peak of webseries IMO).

Andrea has written and directed a number of short films including MY EX-GIRLFRIEND GOOGLE (shot by MASTER OF NONE cinematographer Mark Schwartzbard) that was published on, a website whose aim is to shine a spotlight on funny women, co-founded by Elizabeth Banks. Andrea also directed the soon-to-be-released short film RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, shot by award-winning cinematographer of THE STAND (2020)David Stockton ASC.


Originally from the ice cold winter town of Winnipeg, Canada (sorry, not sorry), Andrea splits her time between Vancouver Canada and Venice, CA where she currently specializes in one hour teen dramas and mysteries with whip smart female leads. 


writings & film stuffs

Love on Harbor Island

this Hallmark beauty was directed by co-writer Lucie Guest! LOVE ON HARBOR ISLAND and premiered on the Hallmark Channel in summer 2020.

Let's Not Talk About Syria

This gorgeous short film had a spectacular festival run, officially selected for HollyShorts, the Culver City and Burbank Film Festivals, NSI's online festival, and star Lucie guest was nominated for a Best Actress Leo. Directed by Paula Elle and starring Lucie Guest and Jones Bay. Here's the trailer!

The Dangers of

Online Dating

This sweet and sassy web series created by Young & Reckless director Brianne-Nord-Stewart. Paula Burrows won a Best Actress Leo, making that two women in two projects I wrote in 2018, were both nominated for excellence in acting. That's good writing people. Right. And acting.   

Young & Reckless

This little baby was an official selection at the Austin Film Festival I wrote this multiaward-winning webseries, co-creating it with star Devon Ferguson. C'mon guys, #letsdothis

My Ex-Girlfriend Google

"SIRI-ously" MY EX-GIRLFRIEND GOOGLE directed by yours truly, was published on,co-founded by Elizabeth Banks that shines a spotlight on funny women. This piece stars the brilliant Anna Lise Phillips ("REVOLUTION", the Australian series "HARROW") and was shot by MASTER OF NONE cinematographer Mark Schwartzbard.